Johns Hopkins Drug Discovery - Courses - Introduction to Drug Discovery Research
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Introduction to Drug Discovery Research (ME:200.704)

This course deals with various aspects of the drug discovery process including target identification, medicinal chemistry, in vitro and in vivo drug screening methods, pharmacokinetics, drug safety, intellectual property, and biologics. The last two lectures are devoted to case studies in which discovery of particular drugs will be discussed in detail to provide further insights into the process of drug discovery research.  Each lecture is given by an expert on the given subject with many years of translational research experience.  Students will build a broad knowledge base that will allow them to prepare for a career in pharmaceutical research or basic medical science with implications for novel therapeutics.

Introduction to Drug Discovery Research (ME:200.704)

Spring 2020

Course Director: Takashi Tsukamoto (

Location: Rangos Building Room 590

Time: 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Dates: Every Friday 1/10/2020-4/24/2020

Blackboard will be used to communicate with students, share course materials, make announcements, and post grades.  Grades will be determined by class participation (1/3), Mid-term Exam (1/3), and Final Exam (1/3).

Prerequisite: No prior knowledge in drug discovery is required.  This course is recommended for students in the 2nd or subsequent years of their graduate program.  Please contact Dr. Takashi Tsukamoto ( for more information.

Topic Lecturer
1/10 Introduction Takashi Tsukamoto
1/17 Drug-like properties and druggable targets Takashi Tsukamoto
1/24 in vitro Pharmacology I Camilo Rojas
1/31 in vitro Pharmacology II Fabien Vincent (Pfizer)
2/7 in vitro Pharmacokinetics Rana Rais
2/14 in vivo Pharmacokinetics Takashi Tsukamoto
2/21 Drug Safety Adaline Smith (Ironwood Pharmaceuticals)
2/28 Midterm Exam
3/6 Spring Break
3/13 in vivo Pharmacology  Diane Peters
3/20 Intellectual Property  Jeff Childers (Casimir Jones)
3/27 Lead Optimization  Takashi Tsukamoto
 4/3  Biologics Scott Hammond (AstraZeneca)
 4/10  Vaccines Enrico Malito & Mark Wilson (GSK Vaccines)
 4/17  Case Study (Imatinib) David Meyers
 4/24   Final Exam

Important information for students with disabilities: All students with disabilities who require accommodations for this course should contact Kristina Nance ( or 410-614-3385) at their earliest convenience to discuss their specific needs. Please note that accommodations are not retroactive.