Johns Hopkins Drug Discovery - Projects - Cystine/Glutamate Antiporter
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Cystine/Glutamate Antiporter

The antiporter system xc is a sodium independent amino acid transporter that imports extracellular cystine in exchange for exporting intracellular glutamate1. Given the key role of microglia in neuroinflammation, system xc up-regulation in activated microglia has been implicated in the pathogenesis of oncological2, 3 and neurological disorders4 wherein excess glutamate is presumed pathogenic.  In collaboration with Eisai Pharmaceuticals5, we developed the first HTS screening assay6, carried out a screen of their large diverse chemical library and identified new lead system xc inhibitors. Our program is currently engaged in in the development of system xc inhibitors as novel therapeutic agents for the treatment of oncological and neuroinflammatory disorders.


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