Johns Hopkins Drug Discovery - John Hopkins University
The Johns Hopkins Drug Discovery Program continues to work with the researchers across Johns Hopkins to research and develop tomorrow’s therapeutics for a wide range of human disorders.
Johns Hopkins, Drug Discovery, Transforming academic translational research
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Johns Hopkins University Drug Discovery

Transforming academic
translational research


Expertise in drug
discovery research


Developing for the future

What’s New?

JHDD led the 2nd Annual Drug Discovery Symposium with UMB – JHDD/UMB Joint Drug Discovery Symposium, UMD

JHDD coauthors a report on a glutamine blocking drug that slows tumor growth [Science]

Partnership Awards $3 Million In Grants For Promising New Treatments In Alzheimer’s And Related Dementias

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JHDD start-up Dracen Pharmaceuticals receives $40.5 million to develop Glutamine Antagonists

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Building innovative partnerships

Johns Hopkins University Drug Discovery - JHU Drug Discovery

Our high throughput screening collaboration with Eisai and partnership with Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry represent innovative ways to create a great synergy of complimentary organizations working together to develop new therapeutics.

Interested in Working With Us?

We welcome opportunities to discuss how we can work together in a drug discovery collaboration.