Johns Hopkins Drug Discovery - Project - MAS-Related GPCR X1
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MAS-Related GPCR X1


Mas-related gene (Mrg) receptors, also known as sensory-neuron specific receptors (SNSRs), constitute a family of G-protein-coupled receptors that are implicated in nociception. A subset of these receptors is expressed specifically in the DRG sensory neurons, implicating a role in modulating nociceptive signaling(1, 2). In collaboration with Dr. Xinzhong Dong, we have shown that JHU-58, a small molecule agonist of rat MrgC and mouse MrgC11, attenuated neuropathic pain in both rats and mice but not in KO mice lacking a cluster of Mrg genes including MrgC11(3, 4). We are currently developing agonists of MrgX1, a member of human Mrg receptors, as analgesic agents to treat patients suffering from neuropathic pain.



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